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Overnight Newborn Care

Imagine what it would be like to sleep the entire night, UNINTERRUPTED. Imagine what it would be like to know that your baby is well taken care of while you rest and recharge so you can FULLY ENJOY him/her during the day. If all this sounds like music to your ears, this service is for you!

I will take care of your baby during the night. I will feed (or bring to you to nurse), burp, change, rock and put back to bed while working on establishing good sleep habits that will lead to him/her sleeping through the night when developmentally ready.

You will wake up to sunshine and rainbows.  A happy baby, a clean and stocked up nursery, all bottles/pump parts washed and ready. This CAN be your fairytale life with a newborn.

At the end of the contract, I will offer you four weeks of email support, completely FREE!

Overnight Newborn Care: Service
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