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Newborn Baby

Virtual Consultations

New Parent Support, Strategy, and Planning

This service is for the parents who are comfortable caring for their baby (or babies) on their own, but they need answers; whether for a boost of confidence that you are going into the right direction, or just someone to talk to about all things baby, this is the service you need.

Do you have questions that keep you up at night and Google gives you so many contradictory answers? I have the tried and true answers, tested through my experience to almost any question. 

Whether you are a type A personality and you need to have things in order so you can function well, or you are just tired of the newborn haze that usually mothers find themselves falling into, everyone needs A PLAN. Babies thrive on structure, they love routine and predictability. Your baby will sleep, eat, grow and develop better when her days (…and nights) are well structured. He/she can’t be vocal about his/her needs so YOU are responsible for reading his/her cues and meeting his/her needs. We will discuss about what works and what doesn’t. I will teach you all the secrets about HOW to read your baby’s cues and I will give you foolproof methods for keeping him/her happy.

After the consultation, I will offer you four weeks of email support, completely FREE!


Consultations starting at $50/h - Book Now!

Virtual Consultations: Service
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