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Testimonials: Testimonial
man 8

"Having Alina in our lives before, during, and after my pregnancy meant having the comfort and knowledge I needed to raise Adam properly since day one! I will always be thankful for your great advice, care, and support. I feel that with you Adam won another family member."

Oana C.

woman 13

"Our son was born 2 months premature and Alina started caring for him one week after he came home. It became clear to us that she loves her work, she is dedicated to her client, and she is very trustworthy. Her sleep-conditioning program had our son sleeping through the night after just a few weeks. She gently encouraged our son to sleep for several hours at a time and tailored the program to his needs. We were thrilled at how much he progressed under her guidance."

Jessica B.

man 6

"...Alina clearly has a love of babies and her job. I know that she could have chosen a number of careers and been successful in them, and I am glad that she chose to be a newborn care specialist. By the time Alina left, our child was sleeping from 8 pm – 5:30 am on a regular basis, at 8 weeks old. We were fortunate to have had her work with us!..."

Elizabeth G.

man 6

"The best that could have happened to us was having Alina in our lives when Adam was born! She is friendly, patient, competent and extremely educated/knowledgeable. Her advice helped us in every stage of the process. 100% recommended."

Felipe C.

man 6

"...Alina was quickly able to get our 2-month-old on a consistent schedule. She is the whole package. I promise she will bring professionalism, love and an immense knowledge of newborns and toddlers into your home. You will be lucky to have her in your life. We certainly are!..."

Rachel C.

man 6

“…Alina was really helpful in easing me back to work after having my first child. She was very knowledgable with newborn care and helped get Miles on a schedule. Alina was there from day one with our second baby and really provided the additional help I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone having a newborn, either their first child or subsequent children..."

Lyndsay P.

man 6

"We hired Alina to help us with our 5-week old premature twins. As a new mom and dad, we were nervous about taking care of 2 little babies all by ourselves, but Alina made everything so easy and helped us to gain confidence in ourselves. She has been so great in guiding us in steps we need to take to care for them. Hiring her was the best decision we have ever made!"

Sarah Q.

man 6

"Our 3.5 month-year-old was struggling to sleep through the night and was waking up every 1-2 hours. Alina spent about 3 hours at our home observing our routine, giving supportive advice, providing us with useful knowledge, and lactation support. She created a new schedule that really worked for our son! Two days after implementing the schedule our son slept 7 hours straight. I highly recommend Alina!"

Michelle C.

man 6

"Alina is very trustworthy, punctual, and organized. We appreciate the advice she gave us after observing our baby for a week. She is very experienced and she knows what will work for sure! She knows how to approach your child and how to make him happy! I encourage you to contact her as she is one of a kind! You will definitely not regret it!"

Andrea A.

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